Beverly Hills Orthodontics (BHO) was founded in 2008 by Dr. Monica Madan and Dr. Erin Cohen. The motivation? To create an orthodontic practice of unparalleled experience - to focus on one thing, and be the best at it. Together, they have developed The BHO Method.

The BHO Method is simple - to use the most advanced technology available and make it work for you! Cue Invisalign! Yup, that’s right. We keep it clear and simple, with state of the art digital iTero scanners and flexible plastic Invisalign trays that make shifting your smile effortless. Even the most complicated case is no match for a VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign provider like BHO.

Led by passion for service and excellence, Drs. Madan and Cohen have helped thousands of happy patients achieve their own #smilegoals. We hope you join BHO to help you achieve your perfect and confident smile!

Aside from building beautiful smiles, you can find Drs. Madan and Cohen enjoying playdates and activities with their kids (yes, their kids are BFF’s too!), date nights with their husbands, and quality time with friends and family.

If you love us, we want to know. If you feel we can do better, we really want to know.


Done with braces or aligners that are priced far beyond cost. Luxury experience without luxury financial strain.  We work with you. For you.

Luxury service is deserved by all, your presence is our greatest compliment.  We are in the people business, straightening teeth-(inspired by H. Schultz).

We can't wait to meet you...xoxo Monica and Erin

Monica Madan, DDS, MS


Dr. Madan co-founded BHO, and 10 years later, is still obsessed with orthodontics BUT not the traditional way of doing things. So, she changed course. She is redefining straightening teeth and doing what she does best: getting it straight and breaking the rules.

She has spent a lot of time listening, and she has spent even more time developing what is needed and wanted. BHO is designed by and for women, beloved millennials and families. It's a place to pop in, hop out, face-time, align… on your time (pardon the rhyme)... entering and leaving without a trace… this is her vision, and it keeps evolving.

Dr. Madan has spent a ton of time in labs doing bio-research, and she co-authored the orthodontic article, “The effects of human relaxin on orthodontic tooth movement and periodontal ligaments in rats," which was published in the AJO-DO.

While she is classically trained as an orthodontist, her treatment is modern and pushes the envelope. She is forever grateful to those (professors AND peers) who took the time to teach her this craft; she hopes to make them proud.

She is a graduate of Brown University as well as the USC School of Dentistry. She joined her fellow Brown alumni in Seattle at the University of Washington to complete her master’s degree as well as her orthodontic training... She LOVED Seattle, and holds it dear to her heart, but she couldn't ignore the call back to Los Angeles.

Currently, while not MacGyver-ing teeth to align, she spends a lot of time taxiing her kids to golf, volleyball, robotics and all the other over-scheduled stuff we do as parents these days but still tries to get in a walk or a hike... Currently, she's refining her morning routine.

She is lucky to have an amazing husband, Ashish, whose support and life coaching have been pivotal to her personal and professional growth, to whom she owes all (and of course, her parents, also!).

Look out for her podcast which will help "you do you" and a lot of other random life and teeth hacks... and watch for a product line of stuff you ACTUALLY need!

Erin L Cohen, DDS

Dr Cohen - 1

Dr. Cohen is co-founder of Beverly Hills Orthodontics. Dr. Cohen has built the practice for the past ten years while acting as an orthodontic ninja serving children and adults alike....removable orthodontic therapy has been her mantra! As a mainstay, it's no pain and ALL gain!

She has co-authored the orthodontic journal article "Chronic Parotitis" which was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association and is co-authoring “Juggle" - mom life married to business life. Recently, she's been studying about how to clone herself to be able to do it all.

Dr. Cohen has always been a Top Rated Orthodontist by Invisalign® and Yelp - that's right! Patients love her AND she delivers!

Dr. Cohen is a graduate of Cornell University as well as Columbia University School of Dental Medicine. She followed her husband, the famed pediatrician and her college sweetheart, Dr. Scott Cohen, to Los Angeles. She completed her orthodontic training at UCLA. Los Angeles is where she ultimately planted roots - much to her mother's chagrin (sorry, Mary Claire).

Dr. Cohen is actively involved in her daughters' school and continues to "lean in," consistently meshing mom duty with doctor duties! And she wouldn't have it any other way!

She enjoys escape rooms, Quickbooks, dinner with friends, prosecco and, as a past ballerina, taking barre classes.